Membership Renewal 2019

Renew Membership 1st January - 31st December 2019

UK Membership - £16  (Four Devon Family Historians sent by post)

Overseas - £22 (Four Devon Family Historians sent by Airmail)

E-Membership - £12 (Four Devon Family Historians downloaded from the Society’s Members’ Area). This membership is available in overseas countries and the UK, but is not available in other EU countries or to associate members.

Use this form if you wish to renew your membership on-line. Please complete this form and click the "Renew" button.

If we claim Gift Aid on your subscription, payment details must be made by the first named tax paying member.

To renew by post, please use the form in the Historian or Postal Renewal Form

NOTE:- Please do not use any form of punctuation when filling out the form below. (including apostrophes)

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Devon FHS's Privacy Notice and How we use your Data

Devon FHS will only use your personal data for matters as listed and will not disclose any information to a third party without your explicit permission.

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I am able to withdraw my consent to storage, processing and use of my data at any time by e-mailing or by post to Devon FHS, PO Box 9, Exeter EX2 6YP

My details will then be removed except for Gift Aid and Inland Revenue purposes.

Annual Subscription

The subscription for two persons living at the same address is the same as the standard rate for one member, but only one copy of each Historian published will be posted. E-Members will download Historians from the Members' Area.

Gift Aid: If you pay UK tax, please consider completing a Gift Aid Form - Click here for the POSTAL Gift Aid form.