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A Journey in Ancestry, by Rae P Collins

Second Hand. Good condition. Published 1984.

Tracing family history is one of the most flourishing of present-day hobbies and a number of societies in many parts of the Country hold regular meetings.

In this book, Rae Collins offers a unique approach to this fascinating subject. On one level it is a practical guide offering helpful advice to the would-be searcher by providing genealogical sources and their whereabouts. The first part of this book illustrates a means of tracing one’s ancestors (in this case in Norfolk) and the method can be repeated in whichever County is relevant to the reader, the County Records Office being the most useful repository of records before about 1840.

Once embarked upon her own family history, however, it soon became evident to Mrs Collins that apart from recording the bare details of the family in chart form, it would be necessary, in order to preserve the wealth of information gained during the years of research, to set out her findings in a readable form. And thus we have a social history of England based on one East Anglian family from the reign of James I to the present day.

A Journey in Ancestry is full of fascinating details of the lives of the Clarke family set against a background of international events as they affected each generation; the Great Plague; the Civil Ware; International trade, and so on, down to the First and Second World War.

Several facsimiles of documents related to characters in the book are included showing the types of document to be found at Record Offices. The book is illustrated with a wealth of beautiful sketches and line drawings by Anton Bantock. The whole is rounded off with photographs of recent generations taken from the family album. The result is a book on family history without parallel and it will appeal to genealogists, local historians, and anyone who appreciates a good, well told story.


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