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Devonport (North) 1893

This detailed map covers much of the dockyard area of Devonport, with coverage extending from the Tamar Quay eastward to Crawford Road, and from St Levan Road southward to Market Street. Features include GWR railway with Devonport station, LSWR railway with Devonport station, Devonport Park, tramways, Morice Town, New Granby Barracks, Royal Albert Hospital, Stoke church, Station Hospital, Royal Naval Hospital, St Peter’s church, Stonehouse Lake, part of Molesworth Ward, Clarence Ward, Tamar Ward, Morice Ward, part of St Aubyn Ward, Royal British Orphan Asylum, St Michael’s church, Old Granby Barracks, Raglan Barracks. Please note that Gun Wharf and the Dockyard are left blank for security reasons. On the reverse we include street directory entries for Albert Road, Benbow Street, Charlotte Street, Cornwall Street, Fore Street, Granby Street, Haddington Road, Keyham Road, Molesworth Road.


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