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East India Company-Soldiers Enlisted – 1789 to 1793

This booklet was compiled by members of the Devon Family History Society in co-operation with the Devon Records Office. The booklet provides an extract of some information and further details may be obtained from the Devon Records Office. These attestation papers record the names of men who signed up to serve for five years with the United East India Company on St Helena or in any other of the Company’s settlements in the East Indies. The forms were completed between 1789 and 1793. There is a separate form for each man, which records his name, place of birth, height in feet and inches and the place where he signed up. The men were all engaged in Devon, mostly in Exeter, but they were not all Devonians. Of the 150 attestations in this period, 56 men were from Exeter and Devon, 61 were from other English counties, including London, 28 were from Ireland, 4 from Scotland and 1 from Wales. No matter where in Devon the men were engaged, all the attestations were made before, and countersigned by, the mayor of Exeter, and this, presumably, is how the papers come to have survived accidentally among the city archives instead of being taken by the recruiting serjeant and filed with other army records. Other records of soldiers in the East India Company’s army can be found among the India Office records in The National Archives.


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