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Family History on your PC (a book for beginners) – Alan Bradley

Second hand (donated) RRP £9.95

Sigma Press, 1996, Paperback

Good condition – original owners marks. Some wear to edges.

Ever thought of tracing your family history? If you know how to use a PC, but don’t know about genealogy, this is the book for you! With a PC and this book on your desk, you can trace your family history back to the early nineteenth century – maybe even further. There’s plenty of enjoyment to be had.

Like all detective work, family history research depends on collecting a mass of evidence and organising it so that you can make deductions from it. A systematic approach to recording and classifying your evidence is vital, but this can mean reams of paper, scribbled notes, and many mistakes. The PC makes it much easier to store data, to look at it in different ways, discover important connections and, finally present the result as near family trees!

But what are the best programs? What special equipment do you need? This book should give you most of the answers!



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