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Honiton Schools Schedules – 1879

This booklet was compiled by members of the Devon Family History Society in co-operation with the Devon Records Office. The booklet provides an extract of some information and further details may be obtained from the Devon Records Office. The Elementary Education Act, passed in 1876, required parents to ensure that their children received a basic education and also set up school attendance committees to compel attendance at school in districts where there was no school board. These schedules are abstracts of the examination schedules completed by the head teachers of the schools in Honiton in March 1879. The forms cover pupils at the British School and the National School. The National School was the parish school, run by the Church of England and had an infants, boys and girls departments. The British School was linked to the British and Foreign Schools Society and run by the non-conformists in Honiton. It had closed in the 1870s, but reopened in 1878, just before these schedules were written. The schedules list each child’s name, whether or not he or she had passed the examinations, the number of his or her attendances in the last year, the child’s age on his or her last birthday, the date of his or her admission to the school and the standard, or class, in which the child had been examined. There is also a column for residence, but this had to be filled in only if the child lived outside the borough of Honiton. There are no records at all of pupils at the British School and admission registers for pupils at the National School survive only from 1896, so these schedules are the only evidence we have of the names and ages of school children in Honiton at this date. In theory, they should include the name of every child of school age living in Honiton, and so are an invaluable resource for family historians.


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