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Littleham Exmouth Parochial List of Paupers – Michaelmas 1851

This booklet was compiled by members of the Devon Family History Society in co-operation with the Devon Records Office. The booklet provides an extract of some information and further details may be obtained from the Devon Records Office. Littleham, Exmouth, was part of St Thomas poor law union and kept lists, drawn up every Lady day and Michaelmas, of the parishioners who were living in the union workhouse and those who were in receipt of out-relief. The lists survive from 1851 to 1872, but the series is incomplete. The lists of those in the workhouse in St Thomas contain the paupers’ names and the number of days they had been in the workhouse during the last half year. The list of out-door poor is much longer, reflecting the fact that most people were cared for in their own homes. The names are listed in alphabetical order, together with the reason that the paupers received relief and the amount of money given to them. There is a column on the form for the residence of any pauper living outside the parish of Littleham, but it seems to have been unusual for Littleham paupers to be relieved away from home and in practice, very few people come into this category.


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