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Petty Constables 1867

This booklet was compiled by members of the Devon Family History Society in co-operation with the Devon Records Office. The booklet provides an extract of some information and further details may be obtained from the Devon Records Office. Devon set up its county police force following the Police Act of 1856, although the boroughs had their own forces from much earlier. Parish constables became less important as the professional police forces established themselves, until finally, in 1872, the Parish Constabulary Act put an end to their appointment. These returns were sent from the petty sessional divisions to Devon County Quarter Sessions in March, April and May of 1867, listing the constables who had been sworn in that year. Some of the returns have been written on special printed forms and some have been written out by hand on a sheet of paper. This means that the information given in each one is slightly different. Some have only the man’s name and the parish where he served, while others give his place of residence and his occupation. Returns from nine divisions survive. There are no returns from the boroughs because they all had their own courts of sessions, separate from the county Quarter Sessions.


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