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Steamers and Ferries of the River Tamar & Three Towns District (Alan Kittridge)

Ferry crossings at lonely river quays. Floating bridges crossing the Tamar relentlessly since 1830. Year round passenger steamers criss-crossing busy estuaries for their entire lives. Market steamers carrying market gardeners and their produce from the verdant Tamar Valley to the harsh, grey, dockyard Township of Devonport. Graceful paddle steamers threading their way around the littoral of the rivers Lynher, Tavy, and Yealm – or riding the tide to the very limits of salt water at we ahead on the River Tamar.
All these played a role in the development of the city of Plymouth and the surrounding district. They maintained communication with outlying villages and provided river and coastal excursions for the local population- which for a century, until the 1920s, was the most popular escape from the crowded urban sprawl of the three towns of Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse.
This book recalls much loved ferry steamers (and some not so fondly remembered), their personnel and the communities they want served. They were vital and familiar to those who lived near the river and lakes of the district.
Likewise this spectacular Victorian paddle steamers of Ccalstock, Saltash and Millbrook are still nostalgically recalled by older Plymothians – but first hand memory is fading.
Over 250 illustrations, including some rarely seen views, helped recall a time when passenger steamers and ferries serve the rivers and lakes of the Three Towns District – far more efficiently than the road vehicle alternatives have since.


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