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The Devon Historian, Volume 34 (April 1987)

Second Hand. Good condition. Some minor wear.

Journal of the Devon History Society.


  • Notices
  • French prisoners-of-war on parole in Devon 1750·1815
  • The North Devon Athenaeum
  • Mass walkout by doctors
  • Billiards
  • The origin of the family name of Western in Devon
  • Popular impressions of Plymouth: picture postcards and their messages 1900 to 1930
  • Charles II in two places at once
  • Common Ground and the Parish Maps Project
  • Devon birth anniversaries, compiled by Adrian Reed & John Ryton
  • Reviews
    • Raleigh in Exeter 1985,  ed. by Joyce Youings
    • A history of Devon, by Robin Stanes
    • Tin Mines and Miners of Dartmoor, by Tom Greeves
    • The Monmouth Rising, by Ivan Roots
    • Tall Ships in Torbay, by John Pike
    • A history of Kingsbridge and Salcombe, by Anne Born, and Kingsbridge, Devon, by Anne Born and Kathy Tanner
    • Maritime South West No. 1, ed. by Walter Minchinton
    • Domesday Totnes, by Urban Earle, and The Domesday Survey of 1086 and the country round Chulmleigh, by R.C.M. Bass
    • Chulmleigh: a short history and walk round guide, by R.C.M. Bass
    • A field guide to the boundary marks on and around Dartmoor, by Dave Brewer, Dartmoor then and now. by F.H. Starkey, and
      A gentleman’s walking tour of Dartmoor 1864, ed. by Simon Butler
    • Devon’s industrial past: a guide, by Walter Minchinton
    • St Sidwell an Exeter legend, by M.J. Swanton
    • Kingston defended, by H.M. Petter
  • Devon History Society, 16th AGM


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