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The Devon Historian, Volume 46 (April 1993)

Second Hand. Good condition. Some minor wear.

Journal of the Devon History Society.


  • Notices
  • F.W.L. Stockdale – begetter of the Stockdale Collection
  • New contributors
  • The Kennaways of Escot
  • Thurlestone Parish Council
  • The University of Plymouth Deja vu?
  • The carte-de-visite phenomenon in Exeter
  • Reviews:
    • Medieval art and architecture at Exeter Cathedral, ed. Francis Kelly
    • Torquay, the place and the people, by John Pike
    • Harvest failure in Cornwall and Devon, ed. Todd Gray
    • The industrial Archaeology of Dartmoor (4th edition), by Helen Harris
    • The Saxon foundation of Totnes, by Don Stansbury
    • Tavistock’s Yesterdays, by G. Woodcock
    • Reaction in Devon to invasions, by Ross Whitehead, Carl Brazier and June Whitcher
  • Other publications received
  • Notices
  • News from local societies
  • Devon History Society 22nd AGM


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