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The Receivers’ Accounts of the City of Exeter 1304 – 1353

Second Hand. As new. Devon & Cornwall Records Society. New Series. Volume 32. Published 1989.

Exeter has one of the best-preserved medieval city archives in England, and the receivers’ accounts are unusually early of their kind. First extant in 1304, they list the income and expenditure of the city corporation each year, thereby throwing light on Exeter before, during, and after the Black Death. The topography of the city, property holding and the economy are all featured, as are city government, law and order and civic entertainments. Important people are mentioned visiting Exeter: judges, bishops, noblemen and royalty such as Princess Joan and the duchess of Brittany. Altogether there is a detailed and delightful picture of life in a medieval city.

This edition provides a full translation of the first eleven accounts with an introduction and index, together with specimens of four other early accounts from the 14th century: a city rental, a murage account relating to the city walls, an account of the wardens of the Exe bridge, and the first surviving receiver’s account from Barnstaple.


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