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Times Past. Memories of a Bristol Boy, by Leon Paice

Second Hand. Good clean copy. Some light wear and tear. Published 1996. Signed copy to previous owner.

Times Past is an evocation of family life in Bristol from the 1930s and in the city’s post-war reconstruction. Growing up in the teeming streets of St Paul’s and war-time years in the new suburb of Knowle West, Leon Paice started working life as a ‘dogsbody’ at Pledgers, moved to sugar factory work and the Army service, from 1947, in England and Germany.

From marriage to Joan in 1951, Leon’s autobiography takes him, with his growing family, on various house moves, while a succession of jobs around the city as storeman leads finally to employment as a civil servant until ill-health forces early retirement. This is a story, full of the trials and tribulations – as well as the joys – of life with which thousands of Bristolians will readily identify and say “Yes, it really was like that”. For younger generations, “Times Past” paints a fascinating picture of a Bristol, and a way of life, that has gone forever.


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