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Transactions of the Devonshire Association, 1974 (Tiverton)

Second Hand. Good copy with tight binding.


  • Six Generations of Change (Acland Family) (Presidential Address), Sir Richard Acland
  • Mr Newte’s Library in St Peter’s Church, Tiverton, Anne Welsford
  • Notes from the Nineteenth Century Records of Tiverton Congregational Church, W. P. Authers
  • Bishop Leofric, D. W. Blake
  • The Early Growth of the Devon Barytes Industry, 1835-1875, Christopher J. Schmitz
  • Aspects of Valley-floor Development in the Upper Exe Basin, Brian Cant
  • The Growth and Decline of Morewellham, Amber Patrick
  • Restoration of Higher Hareston Manor, Brixton (1972-1973), Jonathan Lomas
  • Land Form and Land Classification in North West Devon, V. Gardiner
  • Tudor and Merton Cottages, Sidmouth, Ronald E. Wilson
  • Eylesbarrow (1814-1852): A Study of a Dartmoor Tin Mine, R. M. L. Cook
  • Poltimore Farmhouse, Farway, E. H. D. Williams
  • The “Unknown” Devon County Poll Book, R. Gwyn Thomas


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