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Transactions of the Devonshire Association, 2011 (Axminster)

Second Hand. Good copy with tight binding. Some scuff marks to spine.


  • Christianity in Devon before 1086 (Presidential Address), Nicholas Orme
  • Soils: A Key Part of Devon’s Geodiversity, Tim Harrod
  • The Hudson Transparencies: A Set of Remarkable Visual Aids by a Distinguished Victorian Microscopist (see illustrations), Robin Wootton
  • The Lich Way: A Path for all Seasons, Andrew Fleming
  • The Descent of the Manor of Thowleigh: The Feudal Period, 1066-1428, Judith Moss
  • Evidence for a Twelfth-Century Community of Benefactors in a North Devon Charter, Dorothea Rowse
  • Matilda Peverel, c.1080-c.1140, wife of Robert fitz Martin, Peter Bursey
  • West Prawle Wood and Blundell’s School, 1603-1905, John B. Pilkington and Margaret C. Pilkington
  • The Growth of Elementary Education in Devon, 1744-1821, Graham Hendy
  • Protest, Poison Pen Letters and Protestantism in Mid-Nineteenth Century East Devon: The Tractarian Crisis at Sidmouth 1859-1865, Max Everest-Phillips
  • The Victoria County History in Devon, 1899-1910, John Beckett
  • The Lockyer Family at Sidmouth, George A. Wilkins


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