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Westcountry Hauntings, Peter Underwood

BBC Books. Updated edition, 1988. Second hand. Good condition.

Peter Underwood is President of The Ghost Club Society and this is his fourth title for Bossiney. In 1982 he produced Ghosts of Devon, an immediate bestseller for the cottage publishers, followed by Ghosts of Cornwall in 1983. In 1985 he made it an eerie hat-trick with Ghosts of Somerset. Now comes Westcountry Hauntings: a look at hauntings from Bristol down to Cornwall.

‘The Westcountry,’ he writes, ‘can call you back again and again and you will never be disappointed. The Westcountry offers impressive and varied scenery and just about every kind of ghostly manifestation under the sun. I wish you luck as you wander through the haunted Westcountry; for almost anywhere in that special area the barriers between this world an another, stranger, world seem somehow less tangible…’


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