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How can you join the Acorn Club?

If you are interested in your family history, particularly in Devon, you are automatically a member of the Acorn Club. Welcome!

  • Welcome to the exciting world of family history. This is a special kind of history because it is all about you. Only your brothers and sisters will have the same story to tell, because it is all about your family.
  • Family history is discovering the names of your ancestors but it can be much more. You can find out about the jobs they did, the places where they lived and what their lives were like.
  • Searching for your family history is a bit like being a detective. You have to search for clues in many different places to try and find out answers to your questions. You have to be careful because sometimes you will find red herrings (false leads and information).
  • It is rather like doing a jigsaw puzzle, except with family history, there are always some pieces missing. Some of the information may be in your own house, or in the houses of your grandparents or your aunts, uncles or cousins.
  • Look at the Getting Started (link) and Activities (link) pages to see what Acorn Club member Martha found for her own family history, then discover if your families have anything like this.
  • If you have anything you would like to add to the Acorn Club pages, perhaps stories, puzzles or things you have found out about your family history, email (Please ask your parents’ permission first)

Simone helps with the Acorn Club, providing help and advice to set up after school and lunch time clubs. She provides resources and support within schools to use family history to enhance the curriculum. If you see her at a Family History exhibition say “Hello”, ask her for an Acorn Club badge and let her know what you have discovered about your family.

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