Family History Federation

Welcome to the Acorn Club

Family History Explorers. Have you started finding out about your family history? Present your family history research and get your own Acorn Club badge and certificate.

Complete one project, send it in and you will be awarded your badge and a certificate. Send in further research projects to receive another certificate.

  • Use your best craft skills to construct an attractive family tree?
  • Tell us about an object that has been handed down in your family?
  • Find out the story behind a family picture? This could be a special family event, a wedding, festival or holiday.
  • Do you have an interesting ancestor? What was their job? Did they have lots of children? Or did they travel the world?
  • Find out about a place that your ancestors lived. What was it like when they lived there?


2023 Coronation Theme
  • Do you have a family story about the Coronation day of Queen Elizabeth II, or a Jubilee Celebration? Can family members tell you what they remember?
  • What did people in your area do to celebrate?

Please send your completed project, including the details of your contact adult to Devon Family History Society, PO Box 9, Exeter, Devon EX2 6YP. Mark the envelope ACORN CLUB.


If any of your younger family members are aged under 18 and interested in their family history, particularly in Devon, they are automatically a member of the Acorn Club. 

If you have anything you would like to add to the Acorn Club pages, email: or


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